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My wife Amelia and I decided to backpack through Japan for 2 weeks for our Honeymoon. Amelia’s grandmother was born in Japan so we already had a base of interest to go. We both love travel and have wanted to see Asia for a long time. What better way to spend our honeymoon than to not only see experience that part of the world, but to see where part of Amelia’s family and heritage comes from? Japan was an easy choice and I say we have not regretted it. We will be posting our experiences in parts.

We also have posted our budget that we set before hand. We will be posting the final amount that we spent at the end.

We homemade our itinerary and planned everything ourselves. We recently started our own travel agency called First Hand travel so we wanted to dive into itinerary construction to add to our expertise. You can read more about our business here or visit our booking website.

A Bird’s Eye View

We fly into Tokyo to spend the night then travel down to Osaka for three days. We then take the short ride to Kyoto where we spend 2 days. After that, we will make the trek down to Hiroshima for two days, one night. To end our trip, we will make our way back to Tokyo to spend the remaining five nights where we will explore the city and make a couple side trips to the beaches of Kamakura and the lakes of Mt. Fuji.

Below is an excel document for our budget. The first page is our updated final spending count listing our budget goal (without plane tickets), our hotel costs, total food costs, gifts, etc. The second page breaks down the spending, separating food by day and then other spendings by category. Overall I am pleased with our spending (we were a couple hundred dollars under our initial budget goal). For two weeks traveling around Japan I believe we did pretty well. Also, this was our honeymoon and we did splurge some. We could have done it for even less but our hotels accommodated well and we said yes to dessert almost always for our meals :). For our future trips (we decided at least one major international trip every two years with smaller profile trips in between) we will have a tighter budget–hostels over hotels (which is really more our style anyway), etc; and we will be posting budgets and recounts for each one.

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