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My wife and I found a love for culture and travel through personal experiences and have spent the better part of our lives exploring this great earth. We also share an entrepreneurial spirit that, honestly, we are still trying to figure out. First Hand Travel is our way of marrying these two passions.  We want to use our experience in world travel to build a business that helps others see the world in a new way.

First Hand Travel is a travel company that makes world travelers out of its customers. We see travel as a way to enhance your overall perspective on the world so that you can return home with a broader, more cultured outlook. Experiencing new places and cultures not only creates incredible, unforgettable moments, but it also serves to improve your life in ways you would never think of. We see travel as an enhancement, not as an escape.

As a full service travel company, we are dedicated to design unforgettable travel experiences for our customers using professional booking and itinerary customization to reduce costs and guarantee cross-cultural adventures. We are committed to using our affiliation with Montrose Travel to offer travelers an extensive list of resources and connections while still maintaining personal customer experiences as we operate under our own, independent agency.

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