About Us

This is me and Amelia. We are the Phipps. We got married on November 26, 2016 and spent two weeks traveling through JAPAN for our honeymoon which you can read more about by clicking here. Beginning a new life, starting a new travel business…that is what we are facing right now. We have a passion for people. We both found a love for culture and travel and have separately spent the better part of our lives exploring this great earth.

Included in Amelia’s ventures, she has studied abroad twice in Europe. I had the pleasure of living in Argentina for a year living in a small town called San Miguel Del Monte where I learned the harmony brought by a good cup of mate and the wondrous ways of cooking and eating meat. I experienced big city atmosphere that Argentine cities such as Buenos Ares, Cordoba, and Santa Fe had to offer but not without descending to the breath-taking landscape of the south, boasting destinations such as Patagonia and the Andes Mountains. I also studied in California for a bit, traveled down the Pacific Coast Highway to visit the Arizonian home of a friend I met while out west. We stayed in Yuma for a few nights and walked the border over to Mexico. So many more stories to tell but I will only list places– Guatemala (about 8 or 9 times), all over the Caribbean, Kenya, and more than one handful of cities and states around the great America; and later this fall I will be able to check off JAPAN!!! I am not nearly as seasoned as others, but I believe I’ve gotten around.
We are crazy about Jesus. Thank God for His mercy (we need it).

Amelia is passionate about and very knowledgable on health, fitness, crafts, and cooking. She loves to write and share about these topics so it will be showing up on here. She uses and sells essential oils and loves showing people how to create homemade, chemical free everyday products right from your home. She also home-brews kombucha.

She is active, takes regular walks, loves yard selling and good willing, and she is always looking for ways that she can impact those around her in small ways. I am passionate about teaching, team leadership, writing, speaking, and entrepreneurship. And I love working with my hands (currently looking for a new skill/trade to learn).

Oh, and she met Bill Murray while she was studying abroad in Europe. It’s kind of a funny story but I’ll save it.


So this page will consist of God, love, travel, life, crafting, homemade projects, tips on how to use natural herbs to heal anything, starting a business, faith, religion, philosophy, the Phipps way.

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