Should you still use a travel agent?

I would argue that the travel market is as complex as the stock market.


I would argue that the travel market is as complex as the stock market

Travel Agent



People should have travel agents the same reason they have realtors, stock brokers, investors, etc. Sure, I can go online today and buy stock but I am almost guaranteed to make a bad investment and lose money. I need a stock broker. I don’t know the ins and outs of the stock market nor do I have the time to scour the housing market for a reasonable home. A realtor will do the research and work for you to filter out the homes that are either out of your budget or not worth saving a buck on, just like an investor will know the best places to put your money to maximize your dollar. As a travel agent, I know the travel market. I would argue that the travel market is as complex as the stock market. Between the big, moving parts such as flights, rental cars, hotels, excursions, the many different cruise lines and guided tours to the minute details of transfers from the airport to your hotel, travel insurance, visas/passports, land excursions, mobile internet/phone fees, the concept of holding space on a ship or a resort at the right moment on the right day for a limited time to insure the best deal, selecting the right rooms such as a cabin on a cruise ship that is close to the stabilizers to minimize motion sickness or a hostel that will provide cultural immersion and security and comfort simultaneously without compromising the other, contacting supplier after supplier and comparing their prices and quality according to the traveler’s needs and desires for a vacation—and accomplishing all of this in a matter of 72 hours or less for a customer and organizing it to a clear, informative itinerary that is easy to read and understand for the traveler. This is what I will do for you and it will make your traveling experience unforgettable!



First Hand Travel is a travel company my wife and I started on our own. We both love travel and the concept that seeing different places and cultures truly does help expand the mind and perspective of the traveler. We have both experienced this first hand so we are passionate about helping others do the same. We are a full service booking agency and we’re affiliated with Montrose travel which is a well-established and experienced travel agency. What this means is that we have the contacts and buying power of a large travel organization while still offering our customers a very personalized, small business experience because First Hand Travel is our own, independent business. We don’t just book vacations; we build vacations according to the traveler’s wishes.

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Author: CJ Phipps

I have found a love for culture and travel and have spent the better part of my life exploring this great earth. I had the pleasure of living in Argentina for a year living in a small town called San Miguel Del Monte where I learned the harmony brought by a good cup of mate and the wondrous ways of cooking and eating meat. I experienced big city atmosphere that Argentine cities such as Buenos Ares, Cordoba, and Santa Fe had to offer but not without descending to the breath-taking landscape of the south, boasting destinations such as Patagonia and the Andes Mountains. I also studied in California, traveled down the Pacific Coast Highway to visit the Arizonian home of a friend I met while out west. We stayed in Yuma for a few nights and walked the border over to Mexico. So many more stories to tell but I will only list places– Guatemala (about 8 or 9 times), all over the Caribbean, Kenya, and several handfuls of cities and states around the great USA.

5 thoughts on “Should you still use a travel agent?”

    1. Agreed 🙂 and some people love to travel but the whole researching and booking process can be overwhelming for them. I love the process of researching and learning about new areas and building vacation packages even if it’s for someone else, which is one of the reasons we started a travel business. Thanks for reading as always!

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  1. As someone who understands the ins and outs of the stock market, I can assure you the travel market is more complex. Best of luck with you and your wife’s company!

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